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The Moebius Syndrome Foundation Africa, The Moebius Research Trust , and The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome The Many Faces of Moebius Syndrome, have teamed up with Fresh Printz Industries to launch a new line of Moebius Syndrome Awareness Shirts.

When you buy a Moebius Syndrome Awareness Shirt, Fresh Printz Industries will donate another shirt to someone in need! When these shirts are worn people will see the website information of the supporting Moebius Syndrome organizations and they will learn more about Moebius Syndrome and most likely people will want to make donations to the cause of creating awareness of Moebius Syndrome.

In short! People in the Moebius Syndrome community get a Moebius Syndrome awareness shirt. People who need clothing get a free shirt. The participating Moebius Groups get donations. It's a win, win, win situation. For more details go to The Fresh # PROJECT

(If you are part of a Moebius Syndrome organization, or a rare disease organization, and want to be a part of this project please email Tim Smith at

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This is the official website of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA), a NPO organization. Donations are used to achieve the goals of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA) and are not for personal use. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA) and its Board does not diagnose Moebius Syndrome/ Sequence in individuals nor does it endorse particular medical professionals/treatments/organisations. However, with the consent of an individual, we could put him/her in contact with a Medical Professional(s) for correct medical evaluation.