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Moebius Syndrome is

Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological condition resulting in facial paralysis that may include respiratory, eye, limb, speech, hearing and other disorders.

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Kay von Willingh

Kay von WillinghKay von Willingh Parent of Wesley Charles Von Willingh

Prof George Psaras MD FCS(SA) Plastic Surgery

Professor PsarasProfessor Psaras In short:
Visiting Professor - University of the Witswatersrand (Johannesburg, SA)
Visionhire Centre
C/O Kalomiri & Kotopouli Streets
Tel+357 25369936

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Academic and clinical Head, Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, University of the Witwatersrand.
Born Limassol, Cyprus, 1959.
Educated at Sevenoaks, Kent, UK and Limassol, Cyprus. Matriculated 1977. Medical Degree from University of Freiburg, Germany, 1986. Fellowship with the College of Medicine of South Africa, (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) 1998. MMed (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) research report in progress. Memberships of various Professional bodies and Associations in South Africa and abroad.

Dr Psaras has been awarded various prizes and fellowships in his field of expertise.

Professor Psaras was employed in his present position at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1988.

Professor Psaras has held various positions of responsibility in the field of general surgery, Orthopedics, Burns and Plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has written extensive publications and articles locally and worldwide for various Medical journals, and has presented his papers at local and international congresses and seminars.

Professor Psaras was instrumental in the promotion and board member of the newly formed “Smile Trust” in aid of disfigured and traumatized children or children with congenital disorders (i.e. Moebius Syndrome, Cleft Lip and Palate). He has been a guest on many radio and Television programmes and has had articles written in magazines and press relating to The Star Smile Fund and other medical achievements. He has had International recognition through collaborations with Canadian and USA based surgeons for the surgical management of children with Moebius Syndrome. This collaboration is on going and aims in the improvement of local skills and the enhancement of existing ties with the Johns Hopkins and Toronto Universities.

Professor Psaras enjoys various sporting activities including swimming, squash, yoga, and cycling. He also plays musical instruments and enjoys sculpture.

Möbius syndrome From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Möbius syndrome (also spelled Moebius) is an extremely rare congenital neurological disorder which is characterized by facial paralysis and the inability to move the eyes from side to side. Most people with Möbius syndrome are born with complete facial paralysis and cannot close their eyes or form facial expressions. Limb and chest wall abnormalities sometimes occur with the syndrome. Most people with Möbius syndrome have normal intelligence, although their lack of facial expression is sometimes incorrectly taken to be due to dullness or unfriendliness. It is named for Paul Julius Möbius, a neurologist who first described the syndrome in 1888.[1]

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Letter to the Teacher

Dear Teacher:

I'm giving you this because I want you to understand more about me. You'll see I am just like everybody else in your class in lots of ways, but in some ways, I'm not the same. I need you to know how I am “different” from the other kids in our class so you can help make school a safe place for me.

I have Moebius Syndrome, which means that I have a paralyzed face. I was born with it. I can't smile, close my eyes completely, blink, frown or show any facial expression. Believe me. I would have much rather been born with something else because it really hurts at times to have this! Maybe the hardest part about Moebius is that it is so rare and hard for others people to understand. Who ever thought that somebody could never smile?

Moebius syndrome is a rare neurological condition resulting in facial paralysis that may include respiratory, eye, limb, speech, hearing and other disorders.

For International Moebius Syndrome related websites of foundations, information and support groups, visit the Moebius Website.

Knowledge is power. Being part of groups open doors too support and information.

You will find an interactive map with links to many International Moebius Syndrome Related Organisations.


Connecting Moebius Syndrome Patients Globally.

A partnership project of EURORDIS and NORD, RareConnect provides a platform for patients, families, and patient organisations to develop online communities across continents and languages. Translation of stories, blog, and forum posts are completed by human translators. Patients can therefore have conversations with others in languages they do not even speak themselves.

Visit the Moebuis Syndrome Community today and join the global conversation.

Smile for ME

Smile for me (16 page booklet). A story written for primary school aged children, to help them understand the condition called Moebius Syndrome. Children with Moebius Syndrome don’t have the ability to show facial expression, such as smiling, anger, and sadness. They have a mask-like facial expression, and communication with other children is difficult. This is a story to help explain why children with Moebius Syndome smile from the inside.

The official website of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa

This is the official website of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA), a NPO organization. Donations are used to achieve the goals of the Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA) and are not for personal use. The Moebius Syndrome Foundation-Africa (MSFA) and its Board does not diagnose Moebius Syndrome/ Sequence in individuals nor does it endorse particular medical professionals/treatments/organisations. However, with the consent of an individual, we could put him/her in contact with a Medical Professional(s) for correct medical evaluation.